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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Cheeky Chappy

This cheeky chappy is thumbing his nose to passers-by on the corner of Market Avenue and Old Street in Ashton.

This fellow is one of six sculptures that have appeared in the area to mark the imminent re-opening of the Market Hall.

Click on the the photo above to see a wider view of the scene. (Click your back button to return here!)


  1. Well I never.
    Some one has gone and nicked his mobile right from his hands.
    Is nothing sacred?

  2. Come to think of it, the two other statues in the background of the wider view (of the lady with the mobile phone and the man eating a burger) look more realistic!

  3. my first thought was it would have been better if he'd replaced one the bollards rather than become an extra hazard to pedestrians who could so easily walk into it.

    seeing above comment I noticed a woman who I thought was an onlooker - must have another look.

  4. looked again - ah you jest - must pop up and have a look myself sometime next week.

  5. Appering in a scrap yard near you soon!

  6. Many a true word spoken in jest.
    If they'll take flagstones what chance have these?

  7. hi thats the one that was pulling faces at me


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