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Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Today's picture shows the east-bound platform of Ashton under Lyne's railway station. The station was originally known as Charlestown station, to distinguish it from Park Parade and Oldham Road stations.

The station is on the line into Manchester's Victoria Station, and is bypassed by the Trans-Pennine Express trains, which take the line to the south of the town towards Manchester's Piccadilly Station.

The two railway lines pass on either side of an island platform that houses a waiting room and ticket office. The photo was taken during a quiet period between trains.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. I remember this so well.
    On this platform I fell for Rachel.

    When was the last day the Trans Pennine Train passed this way?

    Me and me mates would catch it from time to time from Manchester Exchange station. The first stop would be Stalybridge, then we'd jump on a west bound train to Ashton.

  2. ha martin if only that railway station could talk. it would tell of all the men leaving ashton to go to was in france 1914.my dad was amongst them .all the wives and girlfriends went to see them off ,my mother sang a song before the train left ,theres a long long trail a.winding ,you could have heard a pin drop and there wasnt a dry eye there that day so im told ,my memories are of going to blackpool for the day from there ,

  3. sorry .that should have read ,going to war ,i hate not being able to get my message back to correct it ,

  4. Back home it is difficult to find a station this peaceful. It must thrill the mind so to be able to sit peacefully on a bench and wait for the train.

  5. hi all it needs now is john shouting ashton charlestown and it would be like old times again

  6. Good grief - a lift on Charlestown! I don't remember there being any stairs to climb only a ramp.


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