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Monday, 2 February 2009

Mossley on Monday: All Saints Church

This is the rather sad sight of All Saints Church in Micklehurst, Mossley.

This church, which dates from 1893, was built to serve the Micklehurst area of Mossley. The parish was originally in the county of Cheshire.

Sadly the building suffers extensively from rot and is now derelict. It is boarded up and awaiting official redundancy. The parishioners now worship in the All Saints Institute in nearby Micklehurst Road. It is hoped that a new church and hall can be built on the site of the old church.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. It is sad to see a church building fall into ruin. I'm glad you've done your bit by featuring it here to preserve it for posterity.

  2. I am puzzled as to what is rotted, not to contradict what you have said about the church, but it looks as if it is built with stone.

  3. Yes, the outside of the church stone and is in good condition. Apparently it is the timber work inside the church that is so badly affected by dry rot that the cost of replacing it all cannot be justified. I don't known the figures but that it what I have been told by the vicar there.
    See this link.

  4. Thanks for the response


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