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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Back Yard

Yes, I know you can't actually see the back yard itself - it is behind the wall - as I wouldn't want to invade anyone's privacy!

There are many streets of red brick terraced houses in Ashton, of many different styles and designs. Many of the larger terraced houses have rear extensions, such as the one in the photo, at right angles to the house. Such extensions are sometimes called "outriggers".

I took this photo because I found the composition of the house, extension, neighbouring house and wall visually interesting. Adding to the interest are the clutter of chimneys, aerials, satellite dishes, cables and pipes. It may not be pretty, but I like it!

This is not quite typical of terraces in Ashton, since the outrigger extensions of the houses in Melville Street and just feet away from those of the houses behind in Henrietta Street, with just a narrow passage between! This can be seen in the "Bird's Eye View" link below. However, because the outriggers are fairly large, there are adequately sized yards alongside them.

See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.

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