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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Red Phone Box

Although most of Ashton's traditional red telephone boxes have been replaced with more modern versions, there are still a few examples left. At least some of these are now "listed buildings"!

This particular red phone box stands in St Michael's Square at the eastern end of Old Street, and only a few yards from the site of Ashton's Old Cross - the original centre of the town.

In the background can be seen the Angel public house, featured here over a year ago.

See Google Aerial View of this location.


  1. Right where the toilets were!
    You'd always come accross importuning in there.

  2. It's always such a joy to see one of these, well I've only seen photos. Wish google streetview would come to your town.

  3. These red phone boxes are all over the world!

  4. That's why there's not many left in Ashton, Jacob!

  5. You needed arms like Popeye to open the door.

    I'm reminded of Billy Connolly's tale where, having had a few, he made a phone call but couldn't find the door to get out.

    Anyone remember Button B?

  6. I had to be taught how to use a public telephone box before I started work in 1963. I remember Button A which you pressed as soon as someone answered. Button B was to get your money back if no-one was home to answer the phone. Sometimes you'd try Button B first in the hope that someone had forgotten to collect their money. It was like winning on the fruit machines!

  7. Oh goodness I'd forgotten all about Button A and Button B! Those were the days!

    I took a red phone box picture today, so that might appear in the next week or so. There are still a few knocking around the place :)

  8. On the opposite corner to "The Angel" used to be a chemist shop where I did part of my post-grad training in 1960 - Happy Days!!

  9. Posting as "Anonymous" was the only way I could add a comment - sorry!!...Old Ashtonian

  10. The phone box near where I lived was a GPO special. It had one-way glass in the panes so that the person inside making the twenty minute call couldn't see you standing outside in the pouring rain waiting to ring 999.

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  12. We have so many here, still in use, and not vandalised. Even have phone directories in and coin slots not credit or pay cards.

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