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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sky Watch: Dawn Chorus

This photo was taken on Wednesday morning as the sun was thinking about getting up. The birds in the tree were already on the case and were loudly proclaiming the new day!

The hill fort of Buckton Castle is on the summit of the dramatic skyline.

Sky Watch is the regular Friday feature on this photo blog. It links with websites all over the world with the general theme each week of looking upwards. Please take the opportunity to visit some of these other sites. I hope some new visitors have found their way here today, watching the skies!


  1. And what a glorious beginning for any day! Wow! Love the birds, the tree, the colors -- all of it! Fantastic shot! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.

  2. wonderful shot, love the colour.

  3. Great photo...beautiful color...and little birds in the tree.

  4. Beautiful photo with amazing colors.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  5. I should have mentioned that I did not do any manipulating of the colour at all - that was how it came out of the camera!

  6. Beautiful scene Martin - they do say "red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning" - of not so great weather later! Did that turn out to be the case I wonder?

  7. One of the best times to capture nature' beautiful Palette like this.

  8. That is sooo beautiful!!! Have never seen a sunrise for so many years now only sunsets :)

  9. I hope the "Red Sky at Morning" warning didn't come true after such a glorious sunrise.

  10. What wonderful colors for the background of the tree. Good eye, great shot!

  11. I took a photo of a tree in my backyard a few weeks ago and it looks just like this! California and England share something in common!!!

  12. Hi,

    Has anyone noticed the bright Red/ Orange Lights in the Sky recently, They are not planes; As they don't produce any noise and not the chinese fire lights; they move very fast, in straight lines then shoot off?

    I'd love to know if anyone else has seen/ know what they are??


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