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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Pyramid of Shoes

The members of Soroptimist International's Ashton under Lyne group decided to build a pyramid of shoes on Ashton Market. They invited people to donate shoes that were still wearable to add to the pyramid.

Each pair of shoes represented two people, often women or children, who have lost their lives or limbs as a result of the accidental encounter with landmines or cluster bombs left behind after conflict.

Some of the group's members are pictured above, with Ashton's MP David Heyes and Dukinfield Councillor Jackie Lane, who both brought shoes to add to the pyramid.

The photo was taken mid morning. I am told that by the time the pyramid was dismantled at 3.00 pm, it was considerably higher!

The British Red Cross came to collect the shoes after the event, to be sold through their retail outlets or recycled. There was a staggering total of 650 pairs of shoes by the time they were collected!

Fortunately the organisers of the event fastened each pair of shoes together with rubber bands as they were received, so there was no need to spend hours trying to match up 650 pairs of shoes!


  1. Amazing and wonderful. Land mines and cluster bombs are such terrible devices and do so much damage.

    It is a good thing when others help the wounded walk in their shoes.

  2. We do this at our church, it's called Soles for Souls. It's amazing what beautiful shoes people donate, it's such a wonderful opportunity.

  3. A very graphic way of showing how many people are injured and maimed by landmines and cluster bombs- dispicable weapons, in my opinion.

  4. hi when i first saw the pile of shoes i thought it was demonstration like the ones that were thrown at george bush lol , yes land mines should no be used in any conflict ,they find them years after, and people get injured years after ,deadly things


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