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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday Stroll: Longdendale

A short bus ride from Ashton under Lyne will take you to Mottram Road cutting, from where there are many field paths and lanes running along the slopes of Longdendale, giving far ranging views towards Glossop, Bleaklow and Kinder Scout.

To get the best views you need to do a little climbing but the slopes are easier on this side of the moorland than they are over on the steeper Mossley side (see yesterday's photo showing the moors looking from Millbrook).

A group of walkers queues to climb over a stile near Moorside Farm, on the slopes below Hobson Moor, just 5 miles from the centre of Ashton. In the background are Arnfield Reservoir and Bottoms Reservoir. The Longdendale Valley continues past the reservoirs towards the Woodhead Pass that leads to Sheffield.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. What a beautiful country. Are these people tourists or natives out for a little exercise?

  2. It was up this trail I saw lambs being born.
    Bits of snow still remained by the northern sides of walls and the water trickling through the rocks tasted sweet.

  3. Hi Martin, thanks for your comment on our new blog! Walcot Street probably still the same except for the traffic! Emma and Tom

  4. This is why I love living in Ashton-under-Lyne...we are just minutes away from a beautiful thriving major city, Manchester, with all that has to offer, and yet we have all this glorious countryside right on our doorstep. Great photos Martin, thankyou!

  5. Jacob - the people are members of a local rambling club (from the Oldham area) on one of their regular walks.

    Unfortunately "tourists" head for areas like the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales and miss out on the beautiful scenery much closer to home.

    Also, a lot of "locals" do not leave their cars and explore on foot, so would be surprised to find locations like the one in the photo almost on their doorsteps!

  6. We have been gifted to have spent our younger days in Ashton.Always a pleasure to be in the clough or on a longer ramble.

  7. This takes me back to Youth Club Easter Hikes in the 1960s- we always went to this area. Fantastic! I do miss the moorland scenery.
    They're also blessed with better weather than I had today in the Cotswolds- hail, sleet and thunder & lightning!

  8. About 1940/41 when I was an evacuee living in Hollingworth, Sunday afternoons in the summer would often see a group of us kids going on walks beginning from the Deep Cutting. It was lovely up on the moors and I'm almost positive we had to climb over that very stile - or one very much like it!


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