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Friday, 18 July 2008

Alphabet Friday - Escalator

"E" is for "Escalator" and there are not many of those in Ashton. This one is in the Arcades shopping mall, between Katherine Street and Warrington Street. As you can see, it is a solitary escalator carrying shoppers up to the first floor level. They have to use the stairs or the lift to get back down again!

Amongst the other locations where escalators can be found in Ashton are Marks and Spencer and IKEA, although IKEA's are really sort of sloping moving walkways!


  1. Does the sloping moving walkway in IKEA patronise you while you are on it, like the one in Barrow Tesco (widdershins)?

  2. I think ashtons changed dramatically since i lived there ,its changed beyond recognition ,and for the better ,im sure you ashton under lyners are very proud of your town and so you should be ,,

  3. Enitharmon - do you mean like sort of: "Thank you for travelling on me. May I say what a privilege it is for me to have your wonderful feet standing on me?"

  4. I'm almost tempted to visit IKEA just to check out the walkways - on second thoughts though ...

  5. Does anybody remember the old escalator in the precent facing the cinema, in days of old when shops didn't open on a Sunday me & my friends used to ride our bikes down it & jump a ramp pretending to be Evil Kinevil happy days now long gone:(

  6. I remember it John...but I don't ever remember it working!

  7. I think the escalcalator in use in Ashton that John refered to, was like the sea in at Southport or liners docking at Wigan Pier, everyone knew someone who said they had seen it happen...........
    I love being patronised at shops the nanny tone of the lift voice gives me a feeling of being a child again. Not! The way they say Mind the doors! I think there is a whole training section in the diction classes at RADA for people to learn to be announcers.


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