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Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Twelve Apostles

The grand Victorian terrace of 12 houses is known as "The Twelve Apostles". The houses stand on the southern side of Trafalgar Square in Ashton's West End. The statue is of Hugh Mason, a local mill owner, who built the houses and many facilities in this area.


  1. the twelve apostles looks grand now dont they ,i remember passing them on my way to manchester as a young un ,and they looked awful ,real dirty ,curtains hung any old how , ,i think the down and out used to live there back then ,

    1. My Dad lived here as a little boy back in the late 1920's. His life was terrible, but he gave me many lessons about surviving hard times. I will always remember him and the tales he told of Ashton.

  2. Spinners said:
    "i think the down and out used to live there back then."

    They still do, the difference now is government handouts. A girl that used to live close to me gets over £300 a week in benefits living in similar property. Which is about half as much again as working for the minimum wage.

  3. I see they've finally fixed the area around the statue. looks nice with all the grass.

  4. Poor Hugh Mason, he has been moved now so many times! Originally he was in Chester Square near St Peter's Church. This means the old rhyme about him no longer holds good:
    Hugh Mason stands in Chester Square,
    Upon his marble perch,
    His face towards the Astley Arms,
    His arse towards the church!

    The Astley Arms has gone too!!

  5. Ah yes this is the one I asked about in an earlier comment. Thanks for posting the information about it.

  6. I love the phylosophical story behind the building. Thanks you for your post. Nice shot!


    As a tenant of 'The Twelve Apostles' I would like to confirm I am neither a down n out or living off government handouts!!!!!!!!
    Your negative comment is posiibly jealousy or due to the fact you have too much time on your hands!
    If you don't have anything constructive to say keep your opinions to your small minded self!!!!


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