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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sky Watch: Chester Square

Chester Square is virtually unrecognisable as a square these days as it is the location of a busy traffic-light-controlled junction which which traffic going to and from the M60 motorway and Manchester pours day and night.

Chester Square was the western gateway to Ashton and, until the opening of Lord Sheldon Way, all traffic approaching from the west had to pass through this junction. The pedestrian route crosses the intersection with the aid of signal-controlled crossings like the ones seen in the photo.

The three blocks of flats in the photo (Margaret House, Portland House and Bentinck House) have been spruced up and have new, colourful facades.

If you drag the "bird's eye view" (below) to the right, you will come to Henry Square and the old swimming baths that featured in last week's Sky Watch.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See LiveSearch Birds Eye View of this location.

Sky Watch is the regular Friday feature on this photo blog. It links with websites all over the world with the general theme each week of looking upwards. Please take the opportunity to visit some of these other sites. I hope some new visitors have found their way here today, watching the skies!


  1. Excellent shot, looks like a beautiful location, and the weather looks outstanding as well. I added your great blog to my followers list so I can return often.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  2. A very nice area indeed. Always fun to see other parts of the world and this is a great SWF photo. Thanks :)

  3. Wonderful shot, looks a great place.

  4. Interesting photo and description. Sometimes change is not necessarily good. Our city council hired a guy to redo part of downtown and almost two years later all we've got is a fence and piles of dirt and construction material. Yuk!

  5. It'a nice open view though I expect lots of traffic moves through the square.

  6. Thanks, Ashtonian. I was going to insert the name when I remembered it, but then forgot to do so!

  7. I imagine these being a very busy scene around 5pm traffic wise. If you deleted those flats form the image this could be Fleetwood.

  8. That must be the first time anyone's compared Ashton with Fleetwood!

  9. Aha one of my old stomping grounds, now it just looks so English, very nice.

  10. Well, I lived in Ashton for 37 years and later worked in Fleetwood for 17 years so I think I am reasonably qualified to compare the two. The main difference is that you would never find a lighthouse in Ashton!

  11. Quote:
    "The main difference is that you would never find a lighthouse in Ashton."

    I'll get a pettition up to convert Hartshead Pike Monument to one - mind you - Fleetwood will still have one more than us


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