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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Autumn Leaves

Another photo showing the Autumn colours to be found in or around Ashton at this time of year.

You don't even need to go into King George's Playing Fields or Stamford Park to see a good display of Autumn Leaves, for there are many places in Ashton where you can enjoy the colourful display.

Today's scene is on the small triangular area of grass and trees surrounded by the three busy highways of Mossley Road, Penny Meadow and Crickett's Lane, sometimes called the Cats' Park. There are a lot more leaves in today's photo than in last year's photo of the same location.

"Autumn Leaves" is my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.

See Google Aerial View of this location.
See Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. Love autumn colors and yours are so very lovely! Have great week!


  2. Beautiful colors! Who gets to sweep up the leaves?!

  3. There's that house on the corner I stayed at briefly in 1972

  4. Pat said...
    "Who gets to sweep up the leaves?!"

    Wait and see tomorrow!


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