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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


The Gardener is one of seven sculptures sited along Lord Sheldon Way depicting local leisure pastimes.

The Gardener is taking a break from digging or hoeing and is sweeping up the autumn leaves!

In spite of being an industrial town, Ashton under Lyne has a long association with gardening. Not far from this statue was the market garden run by Bill Sowerbutts, a regular panellist for many years on BBC radio's "Gardeners' Question Time" programme.

Indeed, the very first edition of the programme was broadcast from the Broadoak Hotel in 1947, with Bill as one of the panellists. The programme was broadcast under its original, less-catchy name of "How Does Your Garden Grow? - A Gardeners' Question Time".

Behind the statue can be seen some of the few market garden plots remaining on Ashton Moss.


  1. that was a neat statue. lovely place too. thanks for sharing.

  2. Bill Sowerbutts was often on his own plant stall in the old Market Hall. My Mum used to buy roses from him.


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