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Monday, 30 November 2009

December Theme Day: Waiting

The photo for December's Theme Day of "Waiting" shows people queing at a stall in Ashton Market Hall. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants in the Theme Day.

One of the things that Britain is famous for abroad is queuing up, or waiting in line. So what better subject for the "Waiting" theme than a queue? And what better place than Ashton's Market Hall, the heart of Ashton under Lyne's shopping area? The queue waiting at this butcher's stall inside the market is a sign that the stall's products are popular with the shoppers!

Those of you unfamiliar with Ashton may be interested to know that Ashton has had a market for over 700 years. A royal charter to hold a market in Ashton was granted in 1284. The Market Hall was built in 1829 with several later extensions.

In May 2004, the historic Market Hall was destroyed by fire. A brand new market was built within the exterior walls of the old market, which re-opened twelve months ago.

"Waiting" is also my contribution to this week's "My World" feature. Please check out the other blogs participating in this week's My World.


  1. Stand in line queing can be sooooo boring but at this place there are so many things to look at so I guess the time in the que flys :-)

  2. Well, it's certainly better than having to line up outside and exposed to the weather, I guess. But have to admit that I do hate standing in line. Terrific shot, I like looking at the people, sometimes just the way they stand tells something about them. Great shot and post for the day!

    Enjoy your week -- hope it doesn't include too much having to stand in lines!!


  3. Yes, Brits are renowned for their capacity to soak up "waiting". We here in Australia are quite good at it, too. Interesting topic here for the Theme Day.

  4. now this is queue! we all can related to waiting in line. a good choice for today's theme

  5. wow interesting! I thought our market downtown was a big deal, the longest continually operating open air market in the state of Virginia, running since 1882....you've got a few years on us! How cool!


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