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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sky Watch: Golden Haze

This week's photo shows a super sunset glow seen from the slopes of Hartshead Pike, rising above Ashton. The view is looking across Rocher Vale and Park Bridge towards Fitton Hill and Hathershaw, to the north of Ashton.

The setting sun has been swallowed by a golden haze of distant clouds.

Sky Watch is a regular weekly feature on this photo blog. It will link with websites all over the world with the general theme each week of looking upwards. Please take the opportunity to visit some of these other sites. I hope some new visitors have found their way here today, watching the skies!


  1. As an ex-pat I am always drawn towards the gorgeous place-names in Britain and your charming blog reminds me of some, as well as providing a delightful scene.

  2. Rinkly Rimes - if you like British place names, you might like my list of interesting or amusing place names:

  3. Beautiful and sultry!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Beautiful sunset, I love the colors.

  6. It's just beautiful!


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