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Sunday, 1 November 2009

November Theme Day: Doorway

For our contribution to the Doorways theme day, we visit Stalybridge, two miles down the road from Ashton, to find this doorway with the carved inscription "BOYS".

The explanation is that this was originally a school - Waterloo Road School (but not the one in the recent TV series!). Opened in 1910, it clearly started life as a mixed-sex school. This doorway, on the east side of the building, was where the boys entered the building, whereas the girls would enter by the door on the west side, which has a corresponding inscription saying "GIRLS".

Later on, the school became Waterloo Road Girls' School, so the girls would have had to use both entrances!

When Copley High School was built a mile or so away, Waterloo Road school closed and became a Teachers' Education Resources Centre.

The building now houses local offices for Tameside Council, along with the local Police Station. This side door is now the main entrance to the building.

The building first appeared on this blog in February. It is a handsome building of Accrington Brick with stone banding, with the town's coat of arms above the doorway.

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See Google Aerial View of this location.
See Birds Eye View of this location.


  1. such history for the building. good image for today's theme

  2. An important door to learning and good education! Think of all the boys and girls who have walking through that door!

  3. I saw a similar inscription on a technical school that was about a 100 years old. You would never see that on a modern school, someone I'm sure would complain and bring a lawsuit.

  4. I am so glad they do not chip this sort of historical information away from buildiings. It is sad enough that signs that are only painted on are painted over by the next owner! Thank you so much for all that information. Makes me interested in this sort of "apartheid" in my own local area.

  5. It was a girls' school in the 60's. I used to pass this door every day on my way to work.

  6. Used to work at the top of the steps 26 Stamford St. across the road from Flush Dawsons.
    Caught the Oldham bus by the play yard at 5.45 everynight.It was a 1 hour service

  7. Nice post - coat of arms pictures ..Keep Posting

    coat of arms pictures

  8. Love the photo. I attended this school in the early 1950's ... great school.


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