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Friday, 15 August 2008

Alphabet Friday - IKEA

"I" is for "IKEA" and, unusually, Ashton's IKEA store is almost in the town centre. It stands at the junction of Oldham Road and Wellington Road on what was once a railway goods yard. In the distance can be seen the tower of the Hop Pole pub on Oldham Road. The green strip on the left will one day be the Metrolink tram's route into Ashton.


  1. This photograph is taken from where the Oldham Rd Post Office stood in 1958. where I was taken to when I got lost when I was 2 or 3. My home then was on Tatton St. Where the Bus Station now stands.

    I remember the goods yard and Oldham Rd railway station. I remember the steam trains warming up in the pre dawn hours every day.

  2. i know exactly where i am with this pic,why ,because i can see the hop pole hotel .how many times have i walked up and down this road going to christ church school right facing the hop pole, but alas . isnt there now.

  3. A part of Ashton well known to me. I used to live round the corner from the Hop Pole and the son of the landlord was a friend of mine.
    The Ikea building is most certainly a blot on the townsape of A-u-L though. What a monstrosity!!

  4. Familiar territory to me too. I used to walk up Boodle Street from Turner Lane to school in Elgin Street and later walked homw to Waterloo from Ashton Library (to save the busfare)!!

  5. hi your photo makes it look ok the area is well known to me grew up and played round the area ,also caught the coach to old trafford to see the reds , from dckie woods happy memories


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