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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Lily Lanes

Looking down Lily Lanes, Hartshead, on the fringe of Ashton, from close to where last Friday's photo of Jeremy's Cottage was taken.

In the distance, the view is across the fields around Rocher Vale and Park Bridge towards Hathershaw in Oldham.


  1. I had no idea just how much greenery there is around this way, and so beautiful.

  2. Rocher Vale? never heard of it!
    Park Bridge, Hathershaw and Oldham I know.

    This picture reminds me to get me a graduated filter.

    Good work on a great summer photograph. Have a lovely Bank Holiday

  3. This is the very top part of Lily Lanes, where it narrows. There used to be a footpath from here leading up to Hartshead Pike, but it has been closed off for a number of years now and the path leads around the back of the hill now before it goes up the Pike.

    Ashtonian, Rochdale is in Rocher Vale.

  4. Sorry to disagree, June, but it's not quite the top part of Lily Lane. This is the part near the old chapel. You can still drive up further before it becomes too rocky to continue.

    Rocher Vale is the valley of the River Medlock a bit further upstream from Park Bridge - between Park Bridge and Abbey Hills - nowhere near Rochdale, which is in the valley of the River Roch!

    I will post a picture or two of Rocher Vale soon.

  5. I stand corrected Martin!

    Isn't the valley of the river Medlock named Medlock Vale?


  6. Is that the dreaded Himalayan Balsam I see in this photo? If so, pull it up by the roots!

  7. I think the name Medlock Vale is usually given to the valley of the Medlock between Daisy Nook and Clayton Bridge.


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