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Friday, 22 August 2008

Alphabet Friday - Jeremy's Cottage

J is for "Jeremy's Cottage", which was actually a 17th century farm house.

This Grade II listed building is on Lily Lanes and is part of the cluster of buildings that formed the hamlet of Hartshead, one of the more rural areas of Ashton. It is opposite the former St Augustine's Chapel and enjoys long range views across Manchester and Cheshire.


  1. Martin, well done for finding this little gem up near Hartshead Pike!

  2. this brings back memories of being a youngster for me ,and of knocking on the farm door to ask for a drink of water during summer ,we would spend hours up there either blackberry picking or bluebell picking ,ha those were the days ,,

  3. We used to get a drink out of the well at the last farm on the right before the Pike.Always had a dog chained up at the gate,the well was on the opposite side of the lane.Also a bit of trivia,I drove a 69 Anglia up and over the top of the lanes.Not an easy in those days

  4. When I was young and foolish I once drove an Austin A35 all the way up Lily lanes to the Colliers Arms! I wouldn't dare treat any car of mine so cruelly these days! It's difficult enough walking up the rocky bit!

  5. Young and foolish, never!!!!!

  6. This is a wonderful composition and a house which I would love to be living in despite the weather you get tip there.

  7. My aunt lived in this cottage in the 1970s and I have photos & fond memories of staying there.


  8. susan said i used to live at jeremys cottage in the early seventies,i have fond memories of that cottage and would be grateful of any pics of the cottage as it was


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