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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Towering Above

Things are looking up at Ashton Parish Church. Or, at least, I was when I took this photo of the 145 foot high tower. (That's 44 metres for those of you who have gone metric!)

The tower was built in 1888 to replace an earlier tower, built in 1818 but which had got into a poor state. This in turn replaced an even earlier tower, built around 1500, which had been badly damaged by lightning in 1791.


  1. great photography martin ,did you keel backwards looking up .i know i would have ,i tried looking up at blackpool tower .looking up or looking down does me .i cant stand either ,i go dizzy,

  2. What I find fascinating is just how long there has been a place of worship on this site. the best most of us can do is remember brief glimpses from our early childhood.

    Imagine if you can, our grandparents and their grandparents visit St. Michael's. Then to go back further and further way back to the 1100's.

    What were the people like? What went on on Ashton. What was Clr. Roy Oldham doing ? It's mind boggling.

  3. Hi from South Shields, nice picture you have here today.Surprising how many churches I've looked at today.
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    Photographers rights in the UK and worldwide are under increasing threat and we need to make a stand now!

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  4. Nice picture. I took a very similar one last week of a church here in Durham!

  5. Fabulous upshot. I see you have a blue sky, a variety this horrible summer.


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