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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Green Space

A new area of green space has appeared in the West End of Ashton with the creation of this square containing a small public park at the junction of Rycroft Street and Cambridge Street. This was part of the regeneration of the area. Ryecroft Mill is seen in the background.


  1. The houses that they demolished to build the pocket park were built around 1900, The houses in the photo where built around 60 years earlier, around 1839. Renewing the newest!!!
    Bang upto date is the CCTV camera (in the centre of the pic)

  2. hi did they put that camera , up after the unreported riots that were there a couple of years ago

  3. my son is about to move from the states to Ashton to work, show me some photos that will entice me to visit...besides see him of course.

  4. Was further away Greeny, Apart from a few rowdies of a nightime people comment on how quite it is around the park.

    The corner shop was the one used in Dave Spikey's "Magnolia" . It is now closed and shuttered. The house next door is up for sale at £112,450


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