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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Council Offices

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council offices on Wellington Road, Ashton under Lyne, seen from Henrietta Street across the Camp Street car park. On the left is the old fire station, now home to Cordingleys estate agents. On the right is the Ladysmith pub, originally the Railway Tavern.


  1. A distinct lack of Chelsea tractors in this car park.

  2. I have always disliked this building, it is just not in character with the rest of Ashton and looks very ugly from the other side, by the Prince of Orange pub. Must say that your photograph makes it look quite attractive with the trees in the foreground.

  3. What a blot on the skyline of Ashton!!!

  4. It isn't as a big a blot as Ikea!

    Can't help but notice the phone masts on the roof - hope the rent is helping to keep down our council-taxes!

  5. Oh yes,hyde dp, Ikea is far worse! Still, that fact doesn't make this monstrosity any more attractive does it?!!!!!

  6. Quote:
    "A distinct lack of Chelsea tractors in this car park."

    They cannot limbo under the height restriction barrier.

  7. Nicknamed 'Colditz' for obvious reasons, the building detracts from the Victorian grace of the old Town Hall. It's out of scale and downright ugly from whichever view you take.

  8. Did you know that the reason the T.A.C.(Tameside Administrative Centre) was millions of pounds over budget when it was built was due to the nuclear fallout shelter that is built beneath it?.
    It is linked by a system of underground tunnels to several "safe havens" and escape hatches around the Ashton area one being the shelter at the telephone exchange.
    If you live in the quieter outskirts of Ashton have you ever wondered what the strange distant 'humming' noise is in the night?........air conditioning units which are spread the length and breadth of the surrounding area.

  9. Nice theory, but strange distant humming noises are heard in towns and cities around Britain and, indeed, around the world.

    and many more...

  10. I was a contractor working nights at the council offices in the late 80's and because of the nature of our work had access to every part of the building except for the 'underground levels' and one room in the security offices at the top of the tower.
    We were told that only 'specialised contractors' were allowed to work in those areas.Which seemed rather odd seeing as we were the only 'specialised contractors' for miles around !!

  11. my grandad worked there and told me there was a lift with more buttons than there were floors


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