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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Welcome to Ashton

The sign tells you that you are entering Ashton under Lyne. However, this is not the view that most visitors see on their approach. This is the back way in to Ashton along Whitelands Road.

On the left is Whitelands Mill, built in 1883. In the distance is the older Wellington Mill, built in 1857. The photo was taken close to the former Pointsman Inn, named after one of the jobs on the nearby railway.


  1. Im thinking the pointsman inn was on the corner of clarence st stalybridge am I right , ,yes the old wellington mill my place of employment from 1950 until we were given our notice in 1963 when it closed .and for all the years I worked there ,there was never a morning I got up and said ,i don.t want to go today ,come hail rain or shine ,i loved working there ,never had a day off except when my parents died ,,thanks msartin for putting it on. I didnt think it as still standing ,

  2. Is this the mill that had a giant lift? Used for aircraft wings during the war.

    If it is, then I rode it in 1972!
    The mill was being used to store stuff for Sterling Moulding Materials.
    Sir Rudy Sternbergs Company.

  3. Does anyone know of a mill around here which produced wire gauze in the late 19th. century?
    The works manager John Cassidy took out a patent with George Bolden of Dukinfield (his boss, the millowner ?) in 1877 for "improvements in shuttles for weaving wire gauze". Cassidy was from Wigan & was living on Whitelands Rd. on the 1881 census but "manager of a cotton mill".


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