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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

226 Stamford Street

226 Stamford Street is not the most obvious choice of a subject for a photo, being the former Kenworthy's Jewellers shop and now looking rather abandoned.

But notice the blue plaque on the upper storey. It tells how, between 1864 and 1885, this building was the home of Francis Thompson, who was a famous Catholic poet in his day, although his best-known work, "The Hound of Heaven" was written later, when he had moved to London.

Read more about Francis Thompson here.


  1. Bloomin eck!
    What happened to the Conservative Club?
    Oh and look, it's where I sold my first returned engagement ring.
    I don't make these things up. They are actually true

  2. Your FIRST returned engagement ring???

    How many did you have given back to you before you found someone who would keep one??


  3. How sad this once elegant and famous shopping street now looks!!!

  4. I wonder if the presence of the blue plague might prevent the place being bulldozed - probably not.

  5. The second returned ring was stolen from my bedroom when Mr Kniblock broke into our house on Burlington Street and nicked it! We know it was you. That was it.
    Strange as it may seem, When I married, no rings but now with Jean we both have rings. She can have anything she wants.

    * * * *

    There comes a point when you just have to move on. The St. Peter's Field development is a good thing really and modern buildings need to replace the old. The Red Lion holds such historical significance for our family in that my mum & dad lodged there when they first married and I think that's where they held their wedding reception. I remember Dad telling me they lived there for a while.

    I was going to get great pictures last December but alas the St. Peter's Field development was already well under way! Time marches on.

    * * * *
    Have you heard about the Ye Olde Blue Pig? What a cryin' shame.

  6. hi were as the big gold ring gone that was hanging from the front gone??

  7. This building has since collapsed during an inspection


    1. Yes, although not during an inspection. The wall was bulging out yesterday morning and the man on the cherry picker was 'making it safe'. With the state it was in it was hard to see any alternative to knocking the whole wall down, so it was lucky it came down in one go when there was no-one walking past!


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