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Thursday, 4 September 2008

New Term - New Charter (2)

Yesterday's photo showed the "New Charter Academy" sign at the former Hartshead High School. Today we see the sign at the former Stamford High School on Mossley Road. This sign reads "New Charter Academy, Silver Springs Campus".

It is to this building that all of the new intake of Year 7 pupils will come today to begin their secondary education. In two years' time they will move to a brand new building off Broadoak Road.


  1. hi will it be called stamford academy, or just academy

  2. It's called "New Charter Academy", Greeny.

  3. new charter academy . so we,have lost part of our history again , like the grammer school ,stamford and hartshead , what happens when new charter take over the parks ,bus stations or hospital the names will then just be a memory


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