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Friday, 5 September 2008

Alphabet Friday - Lees Road

L is for Lees Road and this is the southern end of Lees Road, looking south towards Hurst Cross. The Texaco garage is on the corner of Nook Lane. The terraced houses in the distance are on the corner of Kenworthy Avenue. The photo was taken close to the junction with Connery Crescent. Ashton United's football ground is behind the houses on the right.

Lees Road (sometimes incorrectly called Lees New Road) was built round about 1840 and went to Lees. The present B6194 road up through Abbey Hills to Oldham was only built later. Lees had historically been a part of the parish of Ashton but, before the construction of Lees Road, travel between Lees and Ashton would have been very difficult.

A Google aerial view of this location can be seen here.


  1. i remember these houses being built watched them go up .we called them the back to front houses as the kitchen was facing the front and the living room facing the football ground ,,the last house showing on the right was my brothers house .i think it was during the 40s they were built on a field we called the NINTH..why i dont know ,the wall in front of the houses were very high ,a stone wall..raymond plant owned the garage and lived in the house next door,the only thing missing on this pic is the cake a pie clock ..

  2. This is what was wrote about Lees in 1830:

    "In this place is a chalybeate spring, formerly much celebrated for its tonic virtues."

    (Chalybeate: containing or impregnated with salts of iron, as a mineral spring or medicine.)


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