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Monday, 15 September 2008

Mossley Hall Entrance

Today's photo shows the entrance porch to Mossley Hall, originally Whitehall, the home of Mossley mill owner George Mayall.

Claimed to be the grandest mansion of any mill owner in the area, it was built in 1864 in the Italianate style and cost £60,000 to build, which was a lot of money at the time!

The building was open as part of this weekend's Heritage Open Days. The owner does not wish photographs of the interior to appear so you will have to be content with the grandeur of the porch!


  1. John's younger brother, George Mayall, also made his fortune in the cotton industry in Mossley and between 1861-1863, at a cost of over £60,000, he had a private house ­ Whitehall ­ built for his wife who unfortunately died before the building was completed. As a result, George Mayall lived there for only a short time and the building eventually became Mossley Town Hall.

  2. Yes, it says 1863 on one page of Tameside's web site, but another page says 1864, which is what the history books say!

    George later married again (his third wife) and also his son Edmund moved into part of the house with his own wife.

    George died in 1891 and the house was then sold to the town council.

  3. There is something amiss with your link to the HOD site.

  4. The link is right, Gerald. However, the HOD site has been unavailable from time to time when too many people try to access it at once! It should be better now the weekend is over!


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