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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Term - New Charter

A sign of the times - observant travellers along Lees Road in Ashton may have noticed that the sign that previously announced Hartshead School now says "New Charter Academy, Greenhurst Campus".

Hartshead and Stamford High Schools have technically closed and been replaced by a new "Academy". A new state-of-the-art building is being constructed off Broadoak Road. but, in the meantime, the 1350 pupils will use the two existing buildings.

Hartshead School is to be known as Greenhurst Campus, named after nearby Greenhurst Clough, while Stamford School will be Silver Springs Campus, named after the local beauty spot. Samuel Laycock Special School is also to be integrated into the new Academy site.

The new intake of Year 7 pupils start on Thursday at Silver Springs, and the Year 10 pupils at Greenhurst, with the remaining years starting on Friday at the buildings they previously attended.

When the new building opens in 2010 it will include a 300-place sixth form. New Charter Academy is the first to be sponsored by a housing association.


  1. i cant believe just how its changed on lees rd ,im sure the name greenhurst is the same name as the rd that led up to hartshead school .as a kid i always heard my dad say that no one was allowed to build up there as it belonged o the green belt or something but it doesnt seem that way does it ,its been built on both sides with the big estate up there that goes right over to alt rd broadoak.

  2. I find the mix of public/private funding worrying. What can a housing association possibly know about education? Who do the teachers answer to- a head of social housing ro someone who has actually worked in education!

  3. I find it even more worrying that the government think all they have to do is put up new buildings! What a waste of money! Until we get real discipline and authority back into state schools, things will get no better, pupils will simply move to a new site and continue to be disruptive there!

  4. The mix of public/private funding was started by the previous government, with their City Technology Colleges.

    I would have worries about a school being sponsored by a company that was seemingly only interested in maximising profits. I understand that many of the staff involved were relieved that the Academy is sponsored by New Charter rather than a profit-driven company.

    This is not about discipline - the buildings were beginning to reach their sell-by date! All around the country councils are coming up with schemes to replace their ageing secondary schools.

    In some instances they are taking advantage of the "Academy" route because it enables more to be achieved with the money currently available to them.

  5. Wondering who owns the land that the schools are built on,Hartshead would be prime real estate,hope the likes of Roland Bardsley don't get a sniff in but I can dream!!
    Wouldn't be surprised if a done deal has already been approved in camera, with all the local grabbers(councillors)looking after the interest of the electorate!!!!


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