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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Memorial Gardens and Albion Church

A view of Albion Church seen across the Memorial Gardens, Cricket's Lane, Ashton.

To the right is the War Memorial, built of 50 tonnes of Portland Stone, topped with a bronze statue showing a wounded soldier and an angel of peace. On each side are statues of lions.


  1. Yes, we remember...but we don't learn. Our sons (and daughters) are still being sent off to war, still getting wounded and killed. And not just ours, sons and daughters all over the world. We haven't learned anything.

    The Angel of Peace looks pretty, but it's just a cold lump of metal.

    Good photograph Martin.

  2. What I'd like to know is where are you getting all the sunshine and blue skies from, Martin? The weather here on the Fylde Coast has been bloody awful for the past two weeks!

  3. There is a little patch of blue sky that follows me around!


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