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Monday, 22 September 2008

The Woodcock

The Woodcock is on Newmarket Road in the Taunton area of Ashton.

It was first licensed as a beerhouse in 1868 but re-built in 1879. In 1889 it was granted a full license (so that wines and spirits could also be sold). It was owned by Shaws until 1902 and then by Rothwell's Brewery of Newton Heath. In 1961 Rothwell's were taken over by Marston's, who still own the Woodcock.

In the distance can be seen the Clock Shop on the corner of Downing Street.

See Google Aerial Photo of this location.


  1. Thanks for this memory Martin, I had my wedding reception at the Woodcock in 1966.

    Also seeing the clock shop, which always had a sign advertising Tizer when we were little. I also think that the white house on the left was where one of my old boyfriend's used to live.

    Gay Oliver (nee Cullen)

  2. The 'Clock Shop' was a well known landmark- it was where I got off the bus when I visited my Aunty Lilian (Cundy) who lived at 22 Downing Street. I always liked this part of Newmarket Rd as it felt quite rural in the 1950s and is associated in my mind with walks in Daisy Nook.

  3. This the clock shop you featured in theme days. It stood out them as being one of those quirky names that are only known locally.


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