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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ashton Market

Looking across Ashton under Lyne's Open Market from the steps of the Town Hall.

In the background to the left are Marks and Spencer and the entrance to the Ladysmith Centre. To the right of that, where previously stood the former Woolworth store, is the Arcades shopping centre. The new Wooolworth store is inside the Arcades.

On a plinth beside the steps, one of a pair of ceremonial canons stands guard.


  1. Now this picture puts it all into perspective for those ex-pats who have been away for a while Thank You.

  2. I'm glad! That was why I spelled it out in detail!

  3. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but a picture with a few words in the right place sure helps us to really understand and know what's taking place or has been changed.
    Thank a million Martin. Really enjoying seeing photos in your Blog!

  4. Marks and Spencer is where the old 'Ashton Reporter' offices used to be. Cotton Street which, I think ran alongside the offices would be where the entrance to the shopping precinct is now.

  5. i think the market stalls look a lot more colourful now than when i remember them ,maybe the pakistanis have helped towards that as they like bright colours dont they ,,


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