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Friday, 25 January 2008

Penny Meadow

Looking up Penny Meadow from Ashton under Lyne Town Hall steps. The Bowling Green pub can be seen on the right, with the former Albion Sunday School in the distance and the Pennine hills in the background.


  1. I can make out most things on Penny Meadow and thank you. I am wondering if you could fill me in on what the 'cream coloured' building is that I can see through the spokes of the gun wheels please? I remember that corner being the Queens Electric Cinema and Knights Garage. If you find time, could you please indulge me. Thank You again, I am so enjoying the photographs that you have so diligently put on your blog. Regards. M

  2. The cream building is The Ash Tree - a J D Wetherspoon's pub and a splended place to pop in for a breakfast! I'm struggling here, but I seem to remember that part of the site was snooker hall or something. Anyone remember?

  3. Thank you for nudging theh old grey matter Martin, I do remember now, there was a Snooker Hall and also a Florist (Michael Hall's I think??) We used to alight from the old Brown and Cream Oldham buses just outside. You are doing a wonderful job here! we can see the 'old Ashton as was" whilst seeing the New Look Ashton. Again, thank you. M

  4. The snooker hall was a tiny place squashed between a florist and a barber's ?? I am going back 30 odd years now when I too used to get off the number 9 Oldham to Ashton bus there. The Wetherspoon's pub is where the cinema used to be, I think although there's also Kwikfit tyre place on the corner of henrietta St

  5. The snooker hall was in fact called the Alexandra Billiard Hall and its name was etched in the stonework above the door. The Oldham - Ashton number 9 bus used to stop right outside the hall. I never set foot in there as to use it was seen as a sign of a mis-spent youth.

  6. Here's a Trivia Question
    Up and until what time was Penny Meadow known as Katherine Street?

  7. The Cinema was called QUEENS, it later became a Night Club called THE RITZ , then it was taken over by Dereck Hartle.
    Next door to that was Knights removals, on the oposite corner to Knights , Henrietta St was a Confectioners, the opposite corner to the Confectioners , CowHill Lane, was Rolands Bike Shop and next door do Rolands bike shop on Penny Meadow was Manny Showmans , the Mens Tailors,

  8. You are quite right groovingranny - my father bought me my first 2-wheeler bike from Rolands bike shop and every Whitsuntide, would have to drag me to Manny Showman's shop to get my new clothes. How I hated it!

  9. astonian asks: "Here's a Trivia Question
    "Up and until what time was Penny Meadow known as Katherine Street""

    Was it up until Pennys marriage to Mr Meadow?

  10. Could anyone tell me what year (approx) the shop that now is Michael Hall florist changed from a fishmongers?
    I've spoken to a few people and they reckon late 60's, but I remember it being a fishmongers shop and I wasn't born until 1969.
    My uncle used to have a painters and decorators shop on Penny Meadow, which is now the funeral directors, and I remember sitting/laying in my pram surrounded by roll of wallpaper on the shelves.


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