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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Canal at Night

This dramatic photo shows the Ashton Canal at Portland Basin in the middle of the night. (Click here for larger version, then use Back button to return.)

Who, at one time, would have thought that any photo of the Ashton Canal would have made you want to say "Wow!"?

The canal environment has been much improved over the last 30 years, since the time that the canal here was overgrown, litter-filled and virtually derelict. The crumbling empty Junction Mill has been replaced by modern apartments overlooking the water. Only the chimney remains of the old mill. Portland Basin Museum is out of sight to the right of the photo.

Before anyone congratulates me on the photo, I'd better tell you that it was taken by Andrew Denny, whose boat, Granny Buttons, is in the photo. Andrew writes about his travels on the canals in his blog.

Andrew is a far more patient photographer than I am, and will take time to get just the right image. This striking photo was taken on a long exposure at 2 o'clock in the morning, when all sensible folk were in bed!


  1. Lovely picture, keep them coming

  2. I love the difference in the day and night views, good to see an original shot.

  3. Martin this is a fantastic photograph, please keep them coming. Who would have thought they could have captured such beauty in Portland Basin?? Well done. Maureen

  4. As I said, Maureen, the credit goes to Andrew (with whose permission I have used the photo here). I'll show another one soon.

  5. hi great picture it looks like a different place at night , good avertisement for ashtono


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