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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Winter is on the way!

So, the weather forecast seems to be for snow tomorrow. If it is true, then it will be the first snow in the Ashton area this winter.

Having another day at home and feeling decidedly unfit after the Christmas and New Year, I decided to put on my boots and stretch my legs. It seemed to be a bright enough day, with a wintry sun, and I thought that it might be the last chance for a while if the weather turns nasty.

I set out without any real plan of where I would go, and with no map. However, I ended up doing a pleasant circular walk taking in Mossley and Hartshead Pike.

I said it seemed to be a nice day, but heck - it was bloomin' cold! There was a strong and icy wind blowing from the east, making my ears cold, even with a woolly hat on! It made the prospect of snow tomorrow seem more likely! Anyway, it was good to get the fresh air and exercise, along with some enjoyable views, even if it was too cold to linger over them!


  1. loved your pictures of stamford st. & Hartshead pike Also the description of your walk. The area captures many memories for us as we swelter in 43deg.

  2. Hi Keith,

    I'll post some more pictures of Stamford Street soon.

    If we do actually get any snow here then I will post some pictures of that, too!

  3. Thanks Martin.
    We would love to see some snow Especially round the pike & stamford park

  4. Thanks for the lovely picture and the report of your walk. Brought back happy memories including an evening spent at the Colliers when we wondered if anyone would ever call "Time"


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