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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Stamford Street

Looking along Stamford Street on a winter's afternoon. If you know Ashton, this is looking west from the junction with Booth Street. The towers of the Old Baths and St Peters Church are visible in the distance.

It is around 3 o'clock in the afternoon and traffic queues are tailing back from the roundabout.

Winter can be a difficult time for taking photographs, with the low sun casting strong shadows, but sometimes these conditions create their own dramatic atmosphere.


  1. Tell me about it!
    I was just in Ashton and found it challenging to take the pictures that I did under deep mid winter conditions.

  2. Not having been to Stamford Street for at least 25 years, I'm curious about the shiny sets in the road in the foreground of the photo. I imagine they might denote a pedestrianised area but there are cars on the other side so probably not. Just for decoration perhaps?

  3. The shiny sets are a raised area that contains the road junction. I think it is technically called a "speed table" and is designed to slow traffic down.


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