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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Drinking Out

The fashion for continental-style pavement cafés has even reached as far as Ashton!

Even in January, hardy Ashtonians are to be found supping their coffees outside the new "Coffee and Juice Bar" in the Ladysmith Centre, Ashton.


  1. Is this a sign of global warming or just that Ashtonians have travelled further afield and got used to those fancy foreign ways? You would NEVER have seen people drinking outside in my day! Quenching your thirst whilst shopping would have meant standing up at the stall in the market with a steaming mug of Horlicks or a milkshake OR if you were very posh, tea and cakes at The Lounge on Stamford Street.

  2. Love the 'Supping' Martin!
    Why not, the temperature is roughly the same as Paris, so why not have Paris in Ashton? And, yes, we did stand at the Vimto Stall inside the market, except on Saturday afternoon if you were shopping with mum, then it was the decadent Lounge and I loved that too!

  3. The alternative was the Arcadia for tea and toasted teacakes :-)


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