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Monday, 21 January 2008

River Tame Untamed

The River Tame was around 4 feet above its usual level today as the weekend's heavy rain made its way down from the moors.

The above image shows the swollen river surging through Mossley (just over the hill from Ashton), with an appropriate sign at the ready.

The photo below shows the water swirling under Waggon Road Bridge, Bottom Mossley.


  1. We were lucky that the river didn't break it's banks...it was very high going through Stalybridge too.
    The danger is over now, for the time being at least - other surrounding areas haven't been so lucky!

  2. How they have cleaned this area up over the years I have been away and turned it into such a lovely place for families to enjoy.

  3. We have had a lot of flooding here in recent years. My house has flooded twice so I can appreciate what you are all going through. Good luck.

  4. We were lucky in this part of the country that the rivers only burst their banks in a few places. They had it much worse just over the hills in the Huddersfield area.


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