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Thursday, 10 January 2008

End of the Mayne road

For many years, Mayne's buses have been a familiar sight on the roads of Ashton, as well as Droylsden, Stalybridge, Dukinfield and Mossley.

They are about to disappear, however, as the giant national company Stagecoach is about to buy the bus company. The takeover is just waiting for the approval of the Office of Fair Trading. It is thought that, when such approval is given, as seems likely, the buses and staff will transfer to Stagecoach Manchester. [see report]

The Mayne bus garage on Ashton New Road, Clayton, where the company has been based since 1939, has already been sold and the buses are currently sharing the Mayne coach yard at Fairclough Street, Clayton.

Mayne has always been fiercely independent, resisting takeover offers from Manchester Corporation Transport and other companies since. It is reported that the company was finally offered for sale because the next generation of the Mayne family are not interested in running the business.

The coach fleet is not being bought by Stagecoach and will continue to operate as Mayne's Coaches, run from their Warrington depot, presumably retaining the existing Manchester coach yard at Fairclough Street.

Mayne's are the oldest-surviving bus company in the Manchester area. They started operating charabancs in 1923, coaches in 1925 and buses in 1929. For many years the buses were maroon with turquoise bands. From 1978 the buses changed to the red and cream livery of the coaches. In recent years the addition of a turquoise stripe indicated new low-floor buses.

For around 50 years Mayne buses ran from Manchester to Droylsden, Audenshaw and later Littlemoss. In the mid-80s the network expanded to include Waterloo, Hartshead, Smallshaw, Ashton, Tameside Hospital, Mossley, Carrbrook, Stalybridge and Dukinfield.

The familiar colours of Mayne buses have provided a touch of local colour amid a sea of buses that look identical to buses all around the country.

Update on Stagecoach takeover of Mayne

As a lot of people are arriving here after googling for the Stagecoach takeover of A Mayne and Son, I had better add an update about what is happening.

Mayne Coaches is now a separate independent company and will continue to operate as such using the Mayne name and livery.

Mayne Buses now belongs to Stagecoach. The buses have been transfered to Hyde Road depot. The buses will continue to operate along the same routes as before, using the Mayne name and livery for now. They will eventually be re-painted or replaced by other vehicles.

Stagecoach Manchester "Dayrider" and "Megarider" tickets are not yet valid on Mayne's buses. In a few week's time, however, when Mayne's ticket machines have been adjusted, these tickets will be issued and accepted on Mayne's buses, which will be a big benefit to passengers on these routes.

Link to history of the company on Mayne's website.


  1. Reports now suggest that the takeover has been approved bu the OFT and Mayne's buses will pass into Stagecoach's ownership on 20th January.

    And so another piece of local colour is lost.

  2. I recall Mayne's always tried to undercut the Stagecoach fares, especially on the route into Manchester. Some years ago they were one of the companies that refused to accept the GM "Any Bus" Daysaver tickets.

  3. Hello Hyde_dp,

    Are you sure about that? I thought it was Dennis's that were not involved in the Any Bus tickets?

    Dennis's also ran buses along Ashton New Road.

    The latest word about Mayne's buses is that tomorrow night, when they come out of service, they will be driven to the Hyde Road Stagecoach depot. They will have Stagecoach legal letting put on the side but they may keep their Mayne colours and run along the old routes for a while.

    I saw a Stagecoach bus on a driver route training mission in darkest Mossley last week.

  4. Do you know what is happening to the site of the garage? Are Aldi expanding?

  5. Yes, Aldi is expanding. I heard they were building a new store, but I'm not sure. Maybe just expanding the existing store. I hope Maynes were canny enough to sell the site before the takeover!

  6. how sad to see maynes buses and garage disappear. As a child we played all around the back of the carlton and into maynes garage. We went on holiday one year and whilst sitting having a picnic on the scottish border what should drive past but a maynes coach,made me feel quite nostalgic. There used to be an inspector who had a facial disfigurement who we kids used to shout after i am ashamed to say.If he is still around im sorry we did that.

  7. Hello Brenda,
    There is another coach company called Maynes, at Buckie up in Scotland. I wonder if it was one of their coaches that you saw?
    See www.maynes.co.uk.
    Although Mayne in Manchester still runs coaches and they have occasional excursions to Scotland so it could have been one from here.
    See www.mayne.co.uk.

  8. Will be nice to use the megarider ticket in the Maynes busses.

  9. Just looking at old photos on my phone I lived near maynes when I was a little girl, I rember, maynes well and the shell singe on the pumps


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