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Friday, 11 April 2008

Alderley Street

This picture is looking along Alderley Street, Hurst, towards Queens Road and the distant Pennine Hills. Cedar Mill once stood on the left, with the "Red School" beyond that.


  1. its just unbelievable ,it really is ,if i remember alderley st ,its th black and red school on either side of the street which i attended from age 5 to age 11 ,then on the left two or three little old houses ,then the cigarette factory ,with algar written on the chimney ,then on the right the football pitch then the cedar mill .after them some nice garden houses going up to kings rd ,if i remember rightly .it was a dirt rd .i wish i had a pound for every time i have run down this street when working at the cedar on evenings always on the last minute .

  2. Spinners,
    This photograph is looking along Alderley Street from t'other end...from near Kings Road.
    It has changed a great deal in recent years, the new houses on the left are where the Cedar Mill was. The playing field that leads up to Cedar Park is still there though you can't see it on the photograph. It has been grassed over now, I remember it was once all black cinders.

  3. I find neighborhoods such as this so friendly and homey. There's a lovely skyline and mountain view.

  4. mr mark sullivan7 January 2012 at 04:11

    i agree areas like this hold so much history as a kid i can remember most of the folk who lived near by way back in the day where respect wasnt just a word. the old hilgate est starting from jack and sissy finans papershop shops up and down leading rite into ashton my grandma lived at big house on corner of curzon rd for many yrs emily smith lovely lady somethings dont change for the best to me in them days when xmas come it was a special time maybe no computor games and things it realy gets to me that the kids of today wil never know wot realy like to enjoy a proper xmas ;


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