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Monday, 7 April 2008

The Shepherds Inn

The building on Old Street shown in yesterday's photo was the Shepherds Inn. The present building was built in 1910 and, at the time, must have been a stunning example of ultra-modern Edwardian architecture!

A pub called the Brown Cow stood on the site from the early 1800s. This was re-named The Shepherd in 1846, later becoming the Shepherds Inn. The pub was re-built in 1910 with the present building, which continued as the Shepherds Inn until 1975.

The building was then used by a building society and now houses an estate agency and solicitors.


  1. was it known as the happy shepherd or was that a different pub altogether ,

  2. Great pix Martin, any chance of getting a shot of the Blue Pig before it's demolished ?? Not that there's much chance of that happening, there must be a whole host of Heritage restrictions on that place.

  3. The Happy Shepherd was on Bentinck Street. Rebuilt some time around the 60s, I think. The new pub is still there but I think it has another name now.

  4. Like spinners i also thought this was once the happy shepherd pub, i used to go in here in the 60s and 70s.

  5. The Happy Shepherd is now the Guzzling Goose (no kidding! check out Flickr for a pic)

  6. I lied to you guys! It's the: Guzzlin Goose. They saved a couple of quid on the signwriting not havin the g.

  7. the happy shepherd was one of the first pub i started drinking in back in the 60s when i stared work at nixons leather works ,the pub was pulled down and rebuilt in the same place and called the happpy sheperd its changed its name a few times is it called the venue now ? i will after have a walk round, there, also at the same time they rebuilt the dog and partridge round the corner on cotton street ,which as now been demolished and flats built in its place


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