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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Broadoak Shops

This photo shows the green and the row of shops that are opposite the Broadoak Hotel, Smallshaw. The turning to the right is Poplar Grove.


  1. now theres something that hasnt changed at all .i went thee often when i lived on hartshead ave ,i used to cut over the fields and come out on alt rd ,the shop.nearest on the pic was the chippy and the wool shop all one shop ,two sisters ran the chippy and another the wool shop .the other end was the paper shop .in between was buckleys chemist and a grocers ,my uncle sam lived round by there ,i forget the avenues name but at the top end norman rd ran across it ,and thats where he lived ,there were just a few pprivate houses there back then on norman rd facing the school,as a kid i always thought that if you got off the bus at the broadoak hotel you were rich ,

    1. I lived on Alt Road and I went to Hartshead High school... My dad died at the bus stop at Broadoak...had a heart attack and fell off the bus in front of the shops... always makes me sad when I look back on there...

  2. Then I must be VERY rich! I got off the bus at the Broadoak every day for about 7 or 8 years!

  3. i found out they were not rich later ,when i heard the bus conductor shout debters retreat instead of broadoak hotel. lol ...

  4. I used to live near here too - is there still a PO at the Broadoak or has it gone like the rest of them?

  5. It's still there, thank God. I live on Bromley Crescent, just around the corner from there. I'd hate to have to wonder all the way to WH Smith just to get a stamp. I just have to say as well, that chippy is as good as it always was when I was growing up. And Pete, who owns the offlicense, is an utter gentleman.



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