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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cranbrook Street

Three storey terraced houses on Cranbrook Street, off Oldham Road, by the Hop Pole pub. This style of terraced house is unusual in Ashton.

The stone plaque on the front wall of Young's Takeaway reads "Lord's Field Place".


  1. i remember this st ,there was a dirt track opening, that i think you can just see by the right side of the pic ,that led to the coalpit hills we walked along to get to the old ball .i think minto st faces this st doesnt it ,running at the back of oldham rd ,,fond memories ,

  2. yes i remember that dirt path leading to the coal pit hill where the new house are at the back of the photo there use to be pen along there to , as that always been a chip shop? , i have been in there a few times the food is great , even the top of elgin st as changed over the years there use to be a path at the side of the school that also led to the coal pit hills , and christ church school use to go and do gardening at the rear of elgin st school

  3. Hi, my name is Steven Cheung. My family owned and lived at this shop from 1979 to 2002. The shop was called "Tung Kwong" at the time when my family was there. You may have seen my brother and I running in and out of the shop from time to time. I really do miss this place as I spent 24 years of my life growing up in that house, and for me, it will always be "home". You may wonder why the walls look different from the other terraced houses on the street. That was because of when the sewers were put in around the area during the late 80's, the constant digging caused the original walls to sway outwards. We had no choice but to rebuild the outside walls. But we did ask the builder to keep the "Lordsfield Place" plague there, as it was part of the house's history. The house consists of 3 floors and a basement and a reasonable size yard.

    I would like to know more about 20 Cranbrook Street and its history and previous occupants. If anyone knows, I would be appreciated if you could get in contact with me via my blog.

    Many thanks.

    Steven Cheung (currently in Taiwan now!)

  4. Oh in case you are wondering what the shop used to look like:


    - Steven Cheung.


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