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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Canon Johnson School

Canon Johnson Church of England Primary School, on Elgin Street, is one of the two primary schools that serve Christ Church on Oldham Road.


  1. I went to this school from 1952-1954. It was called Elgin Street school in those days. The Head was Miss Harding, I think and my first teacher was Mrs Hall. We used to have afternoon naps on little campbeds with harsh grey blankets to cover us up.

  2. hi its a lot bigger then when i went there the new part at front as been added on there was waste land there and a path which you could walk along to the coal pit hills [ now lords field housing estate ]

  3. i went to this school and left in year 5 (2004) to move to nottingham x i had some great times and some bad times there x will always remember the snowball fight me and my mates had there x i wanna go back and see how much it has changed !!! if anybody remembers me from there then HI !!! lol x from megan .x.

  4. Hi it's me again x i remember rolling down the big hills at the back and then putting out hands into the bush and then seeing over 10 lady birds on our hands lol x i remember so much but i will shut up now lol x byeee .x.

  5. I attended this school from 1983 to 1990. Head teacher at the time was Mr. Walsh. Some of the teacher's names which I can remember was Mrs. Flannagan, Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Spencer. I remember I used to love the school dinners/lunch there. Big thanks to the dinner ladies there at the time!

    1. Hi Steve, i attended this school from 1985-1992. One of those dinner ladies you were talking about is my mum! I remember those teachers too. Along with - Mrs Kay, Mr Robinshaw, Mrs Davies, Mrs Grafton, Mrs Woods and the headteacher who replaced Mr Walsh was Mr Winterbottom.


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