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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Daffs Are Out!

A host of golden daffodils just off Stockport Road in Mossley this week. And so soon after the recent wintry weather! Nice to see colour coming back.


  1. a host of golden daffodils .at last ,spring has sprung ,i love daffies , tulips ,and tiger lilies...not forgetting bluebells ,

  2. chris my grandson planted some pansies in my front garden last week and it reminded me of a poem ,
    pansies in their garden beds ,
    make me think of kittens heads .kittens heads with kittens eyes
    wide with laughter and surprise .
    and every little breeze that blows .
    wrinkles a little kittens nose .

  3. Is it me or are the flowers late this year, out in France mine finished in March.

  4. Ah, but it's grim oop north!

  5. They're "going over" here in Cambridgeshire now. I always feel sad when that happens as I love the daffodils - such a brave show in some of the worst weather.


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