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Monday, 28 April 2008

Market Progress

Today's photo shows Ashton's open market, looking towards the Market Hall. The progress of the Market Hall's re-building can be seen, with a new roof-line. The tower is now being refurbished behind the scaffolding. The Market Hall was gutted by fire in 2004.


  1. I wonder if an open market is something similar to what we call a swap meet? Is the open market only open on the weekends or all week long?

  2. Hi Tanya
    Open market just means that the stalls are outdoor. There are stalls every day of the week, although not on Sundays. Greengrocers, clothes, flowers,handbags, toiletries, bedding, crockery- you can find almost anything you want.

    Ashton Market- both the market ground (where these stalls in the photo can be seen) and the indoor market which burned down in 2004 have been the heart of Ashton for such a long time. When the market hall burned down, many of us felt personally bereaved.

  3. The English equivalent of a swap meet is perhaps the Car Boot Sale, or Car Trunk Sale, I don't mean foorwear.
    Markets are just that, markets for daily essentials, similar to our farmer's markets over here.
    Los Angeles, where I live, has an old established indoor market selling green groceries and various other food items.


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