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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Parish Church

The Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels seen across the ornamental entrance to the Memorial Gardens in Ashton.
The area between the gardens and the church was the historic heart of Ashton, with the the Old Cross standing in the original market place.


  1. Love how those red flowers pop out!

  2. Is St.Michael the one with the big stone head?

    I love how the flowers in the foreground as ornament for your photo! Happy week ahead!

  3. It is St Michael and All Angels not saints!!!vulye

  4. The Parish Church is St Michael and All Angels. Those are stone urns on the tops of the gate posts to the Memorial Gardens!

  5. Yes I knew it was "Angels" really. I was just seeing who was paying attention.....

  6. Do you know that Soroptimists of Ashton placed a Time capsule in the undercroft of St Michael's church this morning? It contained memorabilia from the Soroptimist Club along with press info about the movement.

  7. Beautiful flowers... very nice...

  8. ibgrtukzI was unaware that St Michael's had an 'undercroft'


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