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Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Birds

Three pigeons keep their eyes on a boat moored up on the Ashton Canal at Portland Basin. In the background is the elegant stone arch that carries the tow path across the junction with the Peak Forest Canal. The bridge was constructed in 1835 but, since the canal junction has been there since 1796, I am left wondering how the horses that towed the narrowboats got across the gap for the first 39 years!

(Sorry there were no posts on Friday or Saturday - I have had a very busy week!)


  1. I love this picture Martin, it all looks so peaceful. The stone bridge is really lovely, we are very fortunate to have that as part of our heritage in Ashton.
    I presume there was some sort of wooden structure for the horses to cross in earlier times, although I bet it needed constant repairs...a horse pulling a barge would certainly give it "some hammer!"

  2. A few planks of wood!
    It is an excellent picture


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