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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Charlestown Mission

The former Methodist Church on Alexandra Road was purchased in 1968 by Charlestown Mission, a branch of the Albion United Reform Church. The Mission has started life in 1862 a room made from two cottages, moving to an old mill on Wellington Road, before having its own premises built on York Street in 1867. York Street was cleared in the 1960s and its site is now part of the current bus station.
The Mission is very active, with services held at each Sunday and a range of activities during the week for various ages.


  1. Great to know that some spiritualty still exists in the life and times of Ashtonians

  2. This is where my parents married on 11 Aug 1945 when my Dad was home on leave for 10 days! It was always referred to as 'Alec Road' in our house. I can remember going to Christmas parties there when I was a child living in Turner Lane.

  3. hi the building further down the street was once the ambulance station and the terrace houses accross the street was the office on lord street


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