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Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Old Ball

A re-visit to the Old Ball pub at the junction of Smallshaw Lane, Henrietta Street and Broadoak Road. The road layout has been altered to improve safety, with this end of Smallshaw Lane now one way. The pub was built in 1835 when this was a junction of country lanes!


  1. Last time I was there was when me and Jean were over there at my sisters in 2000.2002, 2004 & 2007 There was a chippy I went to up around the corner there.

    Personally I think those traffic measures are buut ugly and probably contribut little to road safety and I just don't like them.
    If they were any good we'd have them over here and we don't. The only thing we have is are the speed bumps.

  2. My great grandfather, Samson Harding, was licensee of The Old Ball from 1901-1923. He is reputed to have kept trotting horses in the stables at the rear of the pub and also had a parrot on the bar which he taught to swear at customers!

  3. this reminds me of going home from school on oldham rd we would go over the coalpit hills and it brought us out here and the smell of those chips were too much for us ,we hardly ever had spare cash so would put our penny bus fares together and buy three pennoth of chips between us and have to walk it home up smallshaw lane ,


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