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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Stamford Park

Enjoying the sunshine in Stamford Park without the weekend crowds! In the distance, at the bottom of the grass slope, is the duck pond. The monument, which appears to have something missing, is to Jethro Tinker, 1788 - 1871, "a field naturalist from early youth to old age".


  1. Oh dear, with the recent hullabaloo about the derogatory term 'pikey" in the news I don't think the word Tinker should be used either as it may offend some viewers. Perhaps Jethro Fashioner of Metals would be more appropriate.

  2. I was in the park the other night with my 4 year old daughter, i was dissapointed how the park has gone to ruin in some places, the duck pond at the bottom of the park (Stamford street entance) had a childs scooter sticking up out of the water & there were so much rubbish in the water i felt like getting in & cleaning it myself, walking down the path near Mellor Street entrance there is the remains of a burt out motor scooter in the stream, as we walked upto the play area there were a group of (i would say 15yr olds) playing football on the bowling green kicking the ball so hard it nearly hit the children playing near the swings, unfortunatly i think the park is not the place to go with your young child in the evening, all i can say is (BRING BACK THE PARKIE) on a lighter note we do love stamford park & would recomend it to everyone.

  3. Don't despair John, the National Lottery has announced that Stamford Park is on track for a major transformation with a £203,500 development grant to back the regeneration plans. It's part of the Heritage Lottery Fund "Parks for People" initiative. Proposals are for a new central cafe / community facility, including community rooms, toilets and a park manager's office, an improved animal area, improvements to children's facilities, entrances, signs and boundaries, seating, the play area and the restoration of the dingle woodland area. The scheme hopes to get the local community involved and to ensure a much-improved environment for all those who use the park.

  4. hi i hope when they spend all this money on stamford park , they dont tuurn parts of it into a car park like they have done at west end park, and where have the bowling greens gone there at west end park ? they were the best greens around ashton one time

  5. Thanks June for the reply, it is encouraging to here money will be spent on the park but how long will it be before the mindless hoards of certain teenagers wreck it again, I myself feel it is impossible to challenge teenagers nowadays the way the law is & you can't say anything for feel of reprisle, it is a very sad state, what we need is security, a fine example of this is at Alexandra park in Oldham were you can walk around & not feel intimidated at all, all i hope is that Stamford park returns to it Family Friendly park i remember when i was growing up.

  6. Hi Ashtonian! Perhaps "Tinker" was his surname? Just a thought!
    And anyway, I always thought "tinker" was a rather nice way to refer to anyone small....I know we often used to say, "he's a little tinker" when referring affectionaly to some little boy who had committed some small misdemeanor. Like my little brother! And we would always laugh at the same time!


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